Past Workshops

Business Development Workshop at CAMACOL

The Office Continuing Education, in partnership with the Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States, CAMACOL, and supported by the Coca-Cola Beverages Florida , held the third workshop on October 17th, on the topic of  “Business Development”.  The series of four business workshops are part of Coca-Cola Beverages Florida support of the CAMACOL/Coca-Cola Business Incubator Initiative that reinforces the company’s commitment to supporting economic empowerment within the local communities by helping the small businesses it proudly serves. The Office of Continuing Education developed the program content for all the workshops.

Berta Medina García, FIU alumni, led the training for the “Business Development” workshop with a presentation entitled, “The Service Bridge”.  Berta is the creator of  the YOUniversal Success Program and Founder/Director of the Dreamers Succeed Series of keynotes, workshops, seminars and retreats.

The goal of this workshop was for participants to learn how to:

  • Discover the focus that companies use to cement themselves as industry leaders
  • Out-perform the competition without resorting to price-slashing and devaluing their company’s worth
  • Leverage the value matrix to create word-of-mouth ambassadors for their company
  • Create a friendly and likable brand with an image focused on impact-not dollars
  • Uncover the building blocks of powerful teams who love the impact they’re making

Participants were reminded at the workshop that the current business climate is more competitive than ever and that in a world of drop-shipping, cutthroat competition and dime-a-dozen competitors, the one thing that makes a difference is the old saying, “People work with people they like”.