Lunch & Learn #16 (in English) – August 6, 2020: “Faster Forward to a New Economy and Implications for Higher Ed” by Jim Fong

Jim Fong is the Chief Research Officer for the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) and founding director of the UPCEA Center for Research and Strategy. Fong specializes in the convergence and conflict of demographics, the new economy, technology and higher education. As a higher education analyst, he specializes in new program development research, […]

Lunch & Learn #15 (in English) – July 30, 2020: “The ABCs of Thought Leadership: What it Means, How it Works, and Why You Need to Know” by Ian McCluskey

Ian McCluskey is Managing Director of Thinking Heads Americas, the Miami-based subsidiary of a Spanish consulting firm that specializes in “leader positioning” and is also one of the world’s top speakers agencies. Ian is a former Canadian diplomat and journalist, who spent 20 years in Latin America on assignment with Time magazine, Bloomberg News, Brazil […]

Lunch and Learn #14 (in English) – July 23, 2020: “Boosting Trade & Investment in the Americas in a Post-COVID World” by Lawrence Gumbiner

Lawrence J. Gumbiner is President of Gumbiner Interamerican Strategies, a company he founded in 2020 following a 31-year career as a U.S. diplomat. At the U.S. Department of State Mr. Gumbiner specialized in Latin American affairs, with expertise in economic, commercial and environmental policy. He served as Acting U.S. Ambassador at U.S. Embassies in Havana, […]

Lunch & Learn #13 (in English) – July 16, 2020: “Restorative Justice as an Alternative to the Criminal Justice System” by Dr. Abdy Javadzadeh

Dr. Abdy Javadzadeh is a Fellow FIU professor at the Center for Labor Research and Studies, an Associate Professor of Sociology/Criminology, and Director of Graduate Studies in Criminal Justice at St. Thomas University. For over 20 years he has taught many undergraduate and graduate courses in criminology and sociology at several universities. His current research […]

Lunch and Learn #12 (in Spanish) – July 9, 2020: “Reto de la Educación a Distancia en Tiempos Difíciles a Través de Herramientas Abiertas” by Chale Espinosa

Chale Espinosa es profesor de Finanzas y Bienes Raíces en la UAM College en Managua, Nicaragua. Dentro de su experiencia profesional mantuvo una prestigiosa carrera bancaria en Estados Unidos con instituciones como, Chase Manhattan N.A, y Standard Chartered laborando en New York, México y San Juan, PR. Fue fundador y Gerente General del Banco de […]

Lunch & Learn #11 (in Spanish) – July 2, 2020: “COVID-19 Guía de Manejo para las Empresas” by Rodolfo Artiles

Rodolfo Artiles es el fundador de Business Management Allied (BMA). Rodolfo asesora y lidera la relación con los clientes en cómo construir negocios de manera efectiva y cómo mejorar su desempeño para obtener crecimiento sostenible y rentable. Sus áreas de experiencia son: gerencia general, administración y procesos de ventas, habilidades de ventas, expansión y entrada […]