Lunch and Learn Webinars

Lunch & Learn #18 (in English) – September 3, 2020 “Reinventing Capitalism?” by Adriana Machado

Founder, Briyah Institute

Adriana Machado, our presenter, is one of Latin America’s most celebrated women business leaders and an outspoken advocate of the impact economy. She is a former CEO of GE Brazil and founder of Briyah Institute, a Benefit Corporation that bridges innovation, practice & purpose. She serves on several boards, as a strategic partner at WOMB Group, and as a supporter for the Brain Health Project (BHP), an initiative aimed at preventing Alzheimer’s Disease by promoting brain health and slowing cognitive decline. Her cross-cultural and cross-sector skills –from big business, government and nonprofit– grants her a unique perspective towards entrepreneurship, resilience and leadership.

Webinar Overview: One year ago, 181 CEOs of America’s largest corporations overturned a 22-year-old policy statement that defined a corporation’s principal purpose as maximizing shareholder return to commit to delivering value to all stakeholders. Despite the questionable progress to date, is there momentum to reinvent capitalism or are we going back to business as usual?

Please find below the recording to the webinar: